What is a 3D Collector Ticket or Souvenir Ticket?

A 3D Collector Ticket or Souvenir Tickets is a special collectable item, often featuring unique designs, and holographic elements that set them apart from regular admission tickets. By purchasing Souvenir Tickets, fans can take home a tangible reminder of their experience and show off their support for their favourite artist or event. 

 The Souvenir Ticket is a keepsake only NOT your ticket into the event!

Souvenir Tickets will be shipped to address supplied while purchasing your ticket via Ticketek.

Souvenir Tickets are only made available for selected events and can be purchased during the normal booking process. Souvenir Tickets are subject to availability and will no longer be available to purchase after delivery has commenced. 

Wondering why you still haven't received your Souvenir Ticket? Please send us a message and one of our friendly staff will contact you.

IMPORTANT: Ensure Inclusion of Event Details (Event Name, Date, and Location) to guarantee a smooth and rapid response.